He smiled and then lost the smile and looked at her, stared through his bookish round glasses. “Before this day is done, I will make you cry like an infant, and you will wish that you’d been properly prostrated before me when I rode up here today. I will make a tobacco pouch of your womb and decorate the entrance to my new home with your head.”

“I’m sorry, general, but I disagree.”  She reached down with her free hand and patted below her belly. “My little box will be staying put, safe and sound, right here.” She leveled the shotgun and fired, hitting Tolkenhorn through the head, spraying brain and blood on the men behind him. The lawyer pitched over, onto the ground as the others looked on. She glared at the general. “I’ll kill you last, pig. I want you to see what Emiliano Zapata does to your army before I send you on to hell.” The Mule Tamer III, Marta's Quest



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